Bullying and social conflict. Restorative justice. Social Media and Risky Behaviors.

Carrie is an experienced and dynamic speaker who brings energy and expertise to a wide variety of speaking events – conferences, professional development days, parent workshops, and school assemblies. Whether keynoting at a large corporate event or leading a comprehensive workshop for an intimate gathering of school administrators, Carrie loves to inspire others to think in new, creative ways. She also provides excellent resources and follow-up learning activities for attendees.

How Can Our Community Prevent and Respond Effectively to Bullying?


Join Carrie for a workshop that teaches the critical skills needed to prevent and respond to bullying and unkindness.

How Can Our Community Begin to Implement Restorative Practices?


Join Carrie for a workshop that teaches the critical skills needed to implement restorative practices at your school.

Social Media & Risky Behaviors: Helping Teens Make Better Choices


Join Carrie for a workshop that addresses the tricky topic of dealing with kids and the impulsive decisions they make using social media.

Carrie talks about bullying at Barnes and Noble.

Carrie ready to speak at ComicCon.

“I heard such wonderful feedback from my staff about Carrie’s staff sessions from Tuesday. Her work was so helpful and team members felt that she shared such useful content that they could use immediately.”  – Catherine Wang, Superintendent District 35 Glencoe Schools

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