Read what Carrie’s clients like most about working with her.

We so appreciate Carrie’s willingness to always consult with us on various students and situations that arise. Last year, she came and did an amazing empathy training with our 7th grade girls and we’ve seen wonderful progress. She also came and did a very stimulating and informative parenting workshop on the difference between normative social conflict vs bullying. She helped the parents to understand their role in helping their children navigate social issues. She has also been a great help to our staff as she’s come in multiple times to do a training on restorative circles. No matter who her audience is – a parent, teacher, student – she is able to reach them and offer practical strategies. She’s so dynamic and engaging and we love working with her.

Susan Nesher

Director of Student Services , Hillel Torah

Carrie Goldman spoke to a crowd of parents at a parent-enrichment-night about bullying, cyber safety, and technology in the household. The parent-response to her presentation was probably the best response of any enrichment night we have ever had…she engaged our students in a conversation about bullying and social media safety in the most amazing way! She was able to truly engage a group of over 150 middle schoolers in a respectful, productive, and thoughtful discussion. The student feedback was overwhelmingly positive!


Larry Gartski

Principal, Roosevelt Middle School

Carrie has conducted multiple workshops for us and each time the attendees have expressed the value, finding her well-versed on the topic, engaging and able to provide new information. Always great to hear from a participant that it is the best training attended this year, maybe in the past 5!

Nancy Z Woulfe

Director of Business Devlopment, Stephen Sexton Training Institute at Maryville

Carrie Goldman offers the highest quality workshops. Her passion and dedication in providing most up-to-date research-based interventions against bullying make her a powerful and a phenomenal speaker and trainer. I have learned a lot from her work and have greatly benefitted from her talks.

Janina L. Scarlet, Ph.D

Founder, Superhero Therapy

Carrie presents an engaging and informed voice related to supporting our children as they navigate the world of social media, anti-bullying and ultimately successful social interactions.

Her message is easy to listen to, timely and  needed for our students, families and staff members.

Martha Ryan-Toye

Director of Student Services, River Forest School District

Hours after the presentation, students were already referencing Ms. Goldman in the context of their own social interactions. She offered such practical skills for navigating the complexities of socialization for early adolescents. The kids were all in, as the definitions and ideas she shared gave them new insight into how to manage their social lives almost immediately. And her approach reinforced the work of Parker’s counselors and advisors, aimed at sustaining a safe and inclusive community for every child so that all can grow in healthy, positive and increasingly independent ways.

John Novick

Head of Intermediate and Middle Schools, Francis W. Parker School

We had Carrie Goldman speak to our Upper School yesterday about social exclusion, bullying and social media addiction. The presentation was well-received by students and faculty. We also held a parent informational session last night. The parents in attendance shared that they found the presentation to be informative and insightful. Carrie has also spoken to our middle school in the past. I would recommend her services should you need someone who can speak to, faculty, students and parents about these layered topics.

Justin Brandon

Head of Upper School, Francis W. Parker School

I heard such wonderful feedback from my staff about Carrie’s staff sessions from Tuesday. Her work was so helpful and team members felt that she shared such useful content that they could use immediately.

Catherine Wang

Superintendent, District 35 Glencoe Schools

There are many ways to measure the impact of a speaker who works with teachers on a professional development day. Clarity, excitement, inspiration, and engagement are but a few ways to describe Carrie Goldman’s work with our staff and students. The greatest measure of Carrie’s impact has been seen in the number of people who have taken the message and transformed it into action. After Carrie worked with our staff at Central School, we immediately heard the language and new learning in practice as our teachers supported students. We look forward to continuing our work with Carrie Goldman to support a healthy and caring school community in District 35!

Catherine Wang

Superintendent, District 35 Glencoe Schools

Carrie gives a comprehensive and thorough approach to anti-bullying frameworks, programs and approaches for educators and parents. Her resources are specific and tactical in training teachers on how to handle bullying in the classroom and other spaces in school. The toolbox is appropriate for exchanges with students as well as getting ideas for setting the right culture and climate. Prevention and intervention are important, Carrie’s presentation and resources address both.

Marcus Campbell

Assistant Superintendent/Principal, Evanston Township High School

Carrie Goldman’s session on “How to Deal with Unbalanced or Unhealthy Peer Relationships” was very beneficial. I wished my middle director had attended because it was so informative.

Her presentation was so engaging and I learned so much about social media bullying. I loved her slides and her knowledge about a bully vs a social conflicts and the steps needed to help both children involved.

Jill Webb

Director of Professional Development, ISACS