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Carrie travels to schools, universities, libraries and corporations to speak about bullying, restorative justice, and social media risks for teens. Learn more about the workshops and trainings she offers.


Carrie is the author of several books and the award-winning blogger of Portrait of an Adoption. She also writes for major news outlets nationwide. What’s she writing now? 


What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs To Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear

Jazzy's Quest #1

Adopted and Amazing

Jazzy's Quest #2

What Matters Most

Jazzy's Quest #3

Camp to Belong

Carrie Speaks About Bullying at Comic-Con

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Carrie writes about a wide variety of topics for multiple media outlets. Her five main areas of expertise are 1). Bullying prevention; 2). Digital citizenship and social media behaviors; 3). Restorative justice; 4). Parenting and mental health; and 5). Adoption dynamics

Under the umbrella of bullying prevention, Carrie has written about:

  • the difference between normal social conflict and true bullying
  • de-escalation techniques for managing peer conflict
  • avoiding a culture of victim-blaming
  • acting as a witness or ally instead of a bystander
  • effects of binary gender culture and gender-based marketing
  • using social emotional learning skills to increase social competencies
  • diversity and inclusion and anti-bias training

Under the umbrella of digital citizenship and social media behaviors, Carrie has written about:

  • cyberbullying prevention and response
  • the effect of social anxiety on social media behaviors
  • social media addiction and misuse
  • sexting and risky behaviors through social media

Under the umbrella of restorative justice, Carrie has written about:

  • shifting from a punitive model to a community model
  • responding to misbehavior with pro-social methods
  • learning the continuum of restorative practices
  • implementing classroom sharing circles and peacemaking circles

Under the umbrella of parenting, Carrie has written about:

  • Infant loss, pregnancy loss and grief
  • Sensory processing disorder in children
  • Anxiety and related mental health conditions in children
  • ADHD in children
  • Raising children both biological and adopted
  • Bullying and social dynamics in children

Under the umbrella of adoption dynamics, Carrie has written about:

  • Adoptees and mental health
  • Validating adoptee experiences
  • Ethical adoption
  • Trans-racial adoption
  • Understanding adoption trauma
  • Creating emotionally healthy adoptive families


NY Times: How Do I Know if My Teen Is OK?

NY Times: How Do I Know if My Teen Is OK?

Note from Carrie: This piece for the NYT examines the measures we use to assess if our teens are doing okay during the lengthy pandemic. Alix MacDonald is 17 years old, and the future weighs heavily on her mind. A high school senior in Chicago, she was “stressed a...

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Britannica for Parents: How to Respond to Bullying

Britannica for Parents: How to Respond to Bullying

Note from Carrie: This was the second piece in a two-part series for Encyclopedia Britannica's Parenting vertical. The article is about how to respond to bullying situations from different points of view, depending on whether your child is an aggressor, a target, or a...

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Workshops & Trainings

Bullying and Social Conflict

Gain the critical skills needed to prevent and respond to bullying and unkindness.

Restorative Justice

How can your community begin to implement restorative practices?

Social Media & Risky Behaviors

Carrie tackles the tricky topic of dealing with kids and the impulsive decisions they make using social media.

About Carrie

Carrie Goldman is the award-winning author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear (Harper Collins, August 2012). In addition to her expertise in bullying dynamics, Carrie writes one of the nation’s premier adoption blogs, Portrait of an Adoption, which has followers in more than 45 countries. Her acclaimed new children’s book, Jazzy’s Quest: Adopted and Amazing, came out in June of 2015. She lives in Illinois with her husband and three young daughters, where they all enjoy reading, gardening, eating chocolate, and playing outside as a family.


“Never have I seen buy-in by students on the subject of bullying until Carrie Goldman!”

Larry Garstki

Principal, Roosevelt Middle School

“No matter who her audience is – a parent, teacher, student – she is able to reach them and offer practical strategies. She’s so dynamic and engaging and we love working with her.”

Susan Nesher

Director of Student Services, North Suburban Day School

“Carrie Goldman offers the highest quality workshops. Her passion and dedication in providing most up-to-date research-based interventions against bullying make her a powerful and a phenomenal speaker and trainer. I have learned a lot from her work and have greatly benefitted from her talks.”

Janina L. Scarlet, Ph.D

Founder, Superhero Therapy

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