Jazzy’s Quest: Adopted and Amazing!

The Jazzy’s Quest chapter book series features a strong, sensitive adoptee named Jazzy Armstrong! Told from Jazzy’s point of view, these books are a perfect next step for your child’s library.

Fourth grader Jasmine is the youngest of three daughters, and the only adoptee in the musically gifted Amazing Armstrong family.  But secretly, Jasmine doesn’t like to sing or play instruments. The big community talent show is approaching, and Jasmine must scramble to figure out what her act will be.  Will her birth family be able to help? How will Jasmine discover what makes her amazing? A passionate Star Wars fan with a keen interest in making intricate costumes, Jasmine learns to follow her own path, with the support of both her families.

Students all over the world love the Jazzy’s Quest books

Carrie’s daughter celebrating the launch of Jazzy’s Quest: Adopted and Amazing!

Carrie Goldman and Juliet Bond, authors of Jazzy’s Quest, Adopted and Amazing!