Carrie Goldman is the author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know about Ending the Cycle of Fear, Jazzy’s Quest: Adopted and Amazing, and Jazzy’s Quest: What Matters Most.

Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know about Ending the Cycle of Fear

2020: Featured as Amazon Editors’ Pick – Best Nonfiction


Multiple-award-winning author Carrie Goldman has garnered national and international acclaim for her work on bullying and social conflict. In Bullied, Goldman brings together the expertise of leading authorities with the candid accounts of families dealing firsthand with peer victimization to present proven strategies and concrete tools for teaching children how to speak up and carry themselves with confidence; call each other out on cruelty; resolve conflict; cope with teasing, taunting, physical abuse, and cyberbullying; and be smart consumers of technology and media.  Bullied won a National Parenting Publication Award and a Mom’s Choice Award, both at the gold medal level, which is the highest honor offered. [read more…]


Jazzy’s Quest: Adopted and Amazing

The Jazzy’s Quest chapter book series features a strong, sensitive adoptee named Jazzy Armstrong! Told from Jazzy’s point of view, these books are a perfect next step for your child’s library.

Fourth grader Jasmine is the youngest of three daughters, and the only adoptee in the musically gifted Amazing Armstrong family.  But secretly, Jasmine doesn’t like to sing or play instruments. The big community talent show is approaching, and Jasmine must scramble to figure out what her act will be.  Will her birth family be able to help? How will Jasmine discover what makes her amazing? A passionate Star Wars fan with a keen interest in making intricate costumes, Jasmine learns to follow her own path, with the support of both her families. [read more…]


Jazzy’s Quest: What Matters Most

The second book, JAZZY’S QUEST: WHAT MATTERS MOST, explores friendship issues that are common in tween social circles. What matters most to you? That’s what Jazzy needs to figure out when faced with some tough decisions. Is what matters most being invited to the coolest birthday party in town? Is it competing in an amazing Star Wars contest? Or is it helping a friend in need? Join Jazzy on her quest to discover what matters most.

This groundbreaking children’s series features topics such as adoption, gender equality, identity, social emotional development and belonging, all through the lens of a young girl who is a huge Star Wars fan.  Kids will relate to Jazzy’s search for belonging at school and at home.  [read more…]


Jazzy’s Quest: Camp to Belong

Carrie and her co-author, Juliet Bond, LCSW, are excited to announce that the third book in their adoption chapter book series – Jazzy’s Quest: Camp To Belong – is now available! 

Jazzy is a ten-year-old transracial adoptee in an open adoption who navigates the complexities of being adopted by a white family, along with all the typical challenges of being a tween. The first book in the series was a chapter book designed to introduce Jazzy, her family, and her friends to our readers. The second book was twice the length of the first and explored Jazzy’s social relationships at school and the struggle to fit in with peers. This new third book is a full middle-grade book and it delves into the complex relationship among separated siblings in reunion. [read more…]