Jazzy’s Quest: What Matters Most

carrie-goldman-jazzys-quest-what-matters-mostSchool Library Journal Review: Gr 3–6—Fourth grader Jazzy loves spending time with her loving adopted family and her best friend, Alec. In spite of this, Jazzy wants to be popular at school—or at least be invited to one of popular classmate Haley’s parties. Jazzy meets a new friend, Michael. A fellow adopted child, Michael finds a rare friend in outgoing Jazzy, and the two enter a “Star Wars” fan competition. While Jazzy and Michael enjoy working toward the competition, Alec comes to Jazzy with some important news: Alec has been invited to Haley’s next party, and he was able to get Jazzy an invitation, too. The only catch? The party is on the same day as the “Star Wars” competition, and Michael isn’t invited. Jazzy is forced to choose between her newfound friend and her desire for popularity. This is a charming novel, and younger readers will identify with Jazzy’s honest thoughts and reactions. Although this is the second title in the series, references to the first book are light and accessible to newcomers.

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