Carrie is a regular columnist for US News & World Report and has written for many other publications. Read her latest below.

Check out a sampling of Carrie’s published articles! Topics range from adoptive parenting to bullying prevention, with a special focus on conflict resolution, managing grief, raising kids with emotional intelligence, and digital citizenship.

Brain, Child Magazine: I Had a Boy

Note from Carrie: My new piece for Brain, Child Magazine: "As we walked through the store, I thought about how simple and freeing my daughter’s answer was. In one sentence, she managed to dispose of the question that always stumps me. It felt good not to...

Huffington Post: Dear Children Riding in My Car

Note from Carrie: HuffPost published this piece I wrote about how IMPOSSIBLE it is to drive with kids in my car. Seriously, driving with kids should just be banned! Dear Children Riding in My Car,We need to have a chat.You have lost sight of my...