Social Media & Risky Behaviors

Helping Teens Make Better Choices

Some topics to be covered include:

  • Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more: How to use social media with emotional intelligence, in order to be a healthy digital citizen.
  • Screen addiction: Understanding how social media apps are actually designed to increase addiction, and strategies you can use to manage the constant need to be connected.
  • Social anxiety and social media behaviors: How underlying anxiety affects choices.
  • Aggression and cyberbullying: How to de-escalate conflict and respond to mistreatment both in the digital world and in person.
  • Impulsiveness: Learning to slow down and evaluate potential consequences of impulsive urges, such as sexual misconduct, substance abuse, cyberbullying, and self-harm.
  • Groupthink: Understanding the herd mentality that drives viral videos and behaviors, and learning to think as an independent person outside the pressure of the group.
  • Heroism: Teaching bystanders to act as witnesses and allies when they see friends making poor choices, and how to avoid the stigma of being labeled a snitch.
  • Sexualization and harassment: Understanding and resisting rape culture and changing a victim-blaming mentality.

Carrie’s work has appeared on NPR, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, The New York Times, ABC Radio,, HLN, WGN ,HuffPost Live, and more. She travels around the country speaking about issues such as bullying prevention, intervention, and reconciliation; digital citizenship in an age of cyberbullying; restorative justice; resolving social conflict; sexualization, hate crimes, and the cultural effects of gender-based marketing.