Restorative Justice Trainings

How Can Our Community Begin to Implement Restorative Practices?

Some topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the philosophy behind restorative justice practices for youth.
  • How to assess your school community for readiness to implement restorative measures.
  • Learning how restorative measures differ from punitive measures.
  • Recognizing that challenging behavior offers opportunities for social emotional learning.
  • How to shift your thinking from a retributive model to a community model, using classroom circles as the foundation.
  • How restorative classrooms benefit teachers and create a culture of increased respect.
  • Learning how to transition into and out of “circle time.”
  • Learning how to switch roles between “circle keeper” and teacher or administrator.
  • Knowing how to sequence activities in a circle to build trust and connection.
  • Understanding how to ask restorative questions when conflicts arise.
  • How to progress from sharing circles to peacemaking circles as a healthy strategy for resolving conflict.


Longer workshops offer more comprehensive coverage of each topic. Services include written circle guidelines, copies of my slides, and teacher resources.

Carrie’s work has appeared on NPR, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, The New York Times, ABC Radio,, HLN, WGN ,HuffPost Live, and more. She travels around the country speaking about issues such as bullying prevention, intervention, and reconciliation; digital citizenship in an age of cyberbullying; restorative justice; resolving social conflict; sexualization, hate crimes, and the cultural effects of gender-based marketing.