Women You Should Know: When the World Is Too Scary for Supergirl: The Fear and Grief of an 8-Year-Old

Note from Carrie: Thoughts on hate crimes in America and how they relate to a child’s watching of Supergirl. “It was very clear to me that she wasn’t talking about the show anymore. She was processing her grief and fear about our real-life society, about her own feelings of helplessness and terror.”

Every week, our family gathers together on Sunday nights to watch Supergirl. We first fell in love with the series when our youngest daughter was nearly five years old. We wondered if the show might be too scary at times; however, she couldn’t get enough of it!

Our littlest girl, like her older sisters, has always been a huge fan of fantasy, adventure and Sci-Fi. My girls LOVE superheroes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther — they adore them all.

Our family – built through both adoption and biology — relates strongly to the adoption storyline of the Danvers sisters in Supergirl. I even took my girls to meet their beloved heroes Melissa Benoist (Supergirl/ Kara Danvers) and Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers) at C2E2. My girls were profoundly touched by meeting Supergirl and Alex, and I’m grateful for the kindness the actresses showed to three little fangirls in Supergirl pajamas.

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