CNN: Not as simple as good vs. evil: Geeks take on bullying at Comic-Con

Note from Carrie: So exciting! My article for CNN about Comic-Con just went live!

I can pinpoint the exact moment that put me on a path to moderate San Diego Comic-Con’s first anti-bullying panel last weekend. It happened 32 months ago, when I published a blog post about my first-grade daughter Katie, who was taunted for carrying a “Star Wars” water bottle and backpack.

It was the post that launched a thousand geeks, and then 5,000 tweets. Over the next weeks and months, I read a near-constant stream of e-mails, letters and messages from people around the world who wanted to share their own stories of bullying and peer victimization. The story touched the collective nerve of a very motivated and tech-savvy group of people, who took my daughter in as one of their own. My husband and I like to say that we were the first ones to adopt Katie, and the self-proclaimed geeks and nerds adopted her six years later.

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